Learn about wild herbs, the natural world and your health in the peace and serenity of a Giving Ground hands-on Herbal Retreat or one-day workshop

The road to Giving Ground

Giving Ground's Garden &  Apothecary/Workshop

Giving Ground's Boreal Herb Garden #2

Study wild herbs and health at
one of Giving Ground's unique wilderness herbal retreats


You'll never get lost in a large class.
During our Herbal Retreats you'll learn with a certified herbalist in small group study of
no more than four overnight guests at a time!  We limit our one-day workshops to no more than eight students at a time.

-  Surprise your friends with your ability to
identify herbs on your walks through the woods.
You'll learn basic wild herb identification and cautions and begin your own personal reference book.

Become an ethical wild crafter. You'll learn how to combine ethical wild gathering with organic garden cultivation. Although the boreal forest is a magickal place, many of the wild medicinal herbs we'll identify and use here are the same as those you "weed" from your garden plots and pots at home.

Gather today, use tomorrow. You'll explore methods of drying and extraction for storing and using herbs as foods, cosmetics and medicines.

Stay out of the drug store. You'll make
medicinal products you can use at home, on trips, camping.
Please see our Website Disclaimer below.

It's not just classroom study! You'll
explore miles of wild herb trails, canoe a
wilderness stream, maybe snowshoe, take a sauna, make angels in the snow. 

- Rest, relax and enjoy contemplative time in the Giving Ground herbal library, in the garden, in your cottage. We provide all meals, incorporating fresh organic produce and herbs, and rustic cottage accommodations. Bring nothing but your personal items.

Our Disclaimer

The information contained within this website is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice from your physician.

If you have a chronic health problem or have specific questions regarding your health, please consult with your physician.

Looking for stream-side herbs and the
occasional moose on Petrell Creek


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