-  Clothing in layers for cold or hot weather, natural fibers best

-  Pants and long-sleeved shirt or shirt-jacket

-  Rain gear: we will walk and canoe, rain or shine

-  Hat or head covering for shade; dark glasses for sun glare on water

-  Cheap sneakers or beach-type cloppers for canoe "wet-foot" policy

-  Supportive walking shoes, socks

-  Light colored clothing for May through August (bugs are not attracted to light colors nearly as much as to dark colors)

-  Pajama pants and long sleeves for cool nights

-  Your own toiletries

-  Personal medications

-  Camera and film

-  Personal guidebooks

-  Personal notebooks or journals

What should I bring
to a Giving Ground
Herbal Retreat?


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Giving Ground
Superior National Forest
1223 Little Creek Road
Brimson, MN 55602