60 miles north of
Duluth, Minnesota,
Giving Ground
is an 80-acre herbal retreat in the Superior National Forest. It offers the quiet and peace of the northern wilderness, with deer browsing, the occasional moose, and wolves howling in the night. Its facilities include:

-  My home, a Finnish immigrant's house which has been added to through more than 70 years of expanding and contracting family obligations.

New Cottage in mid-summer

New Cottage in mid-summer

Giving Ground apothecary/workshop

The Facilities at
Giving Ground

Relaxing on the porch

New Cottage interior

-  There is New Cottage, with a sleeping loft, and the two-room Old Cabin.

-  The apothecary/workshop/ herb library sits at the bottom of the garden, all of which is surrounded by balsam, spruce, and pine.

-  A Finnish sauna with a small greenhouse
attached so you can choose fresh, aromatic herbs for your bath.

-  There are two year-round creeks running through the property, and a hill with maples my daughter and I used to tap every spring.

-  There are herbal walks along old animal trails which we have widened for ourselves.

-  We have well-water, spic-and-span outhouses, and a celestial night sky unfettered by city lights.

-  There is electricity, which is very nice for
listening to Minnesota Public Radio, or audio tapes, or for reading by, and for making various herbal preparations that we'll "put by" just as you might put by garden and
orchard produce in your freezer or jam closet.

The Sauna Greenhouse


Phone: 218.848.2302
Toll Free: 888.276.1336




Giving Ground
Superior National Forest
1223 Little Creek Road
Brimson, MN 55602