We'll begin at 10:00 in the morning, after breakfast, with an introduction to herbal studies. This will touch upon early history, scientific principles of herbal medicine, safety precautions and caveats,
terminology, wild-crafting (wild gathering) ethics.

There will be hand-outs so no one should feel he
or she is in a lecture class struggling to take notes. We'll sample several teas and various herbal
culinary delights, and spend lots of time in the
garden and on the trails.

There will be lunch, a quiet time for contemplation afterwards, just like in Summer Camp, and then we'll re-group and work on a laboratory project together.

All the materials will be available at Giving Ground to put up our preparations, so that you will leave with medicinal items of your own making.

There will be dinner, and a hot Finnish sauna bath available. There is a tiny greenhouse attached to the sauna dressing room, from which you may pick
aromatic herbs for your bath. We may sit around sharing stories in the evening; there is also a
complete herbal library with books, tapes and CD's, to take back to your cottage to sample or study. There are bookshelves filled in the cottages, too, with mystery and detective stories and books by
regional authors. You will be allowed to read books that never mention herbs!

We will fit in a canoe morning or afternoon when the weather seems right, and of course snowshoe in winter. We can, with an appointment, visit a local
artisan or two if there is consensus on this.

My aim is to give you respite from your other life, real rest, and at the same time help you to take home some life-affirming knowledge that you can use.

A Typical Day at
Giving Ground

What's a typical day like at a Giving Ground Herbal Retreat?


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