"I had such a great time with you and how lucky was I to be spoiled with all your attention. You are truly a special person and blessed with such wisdom!"   

Lisa Precht, Elko, Minnesota; Essential Life at www.essentiallife.us

"I can't tell you enough how I appreciated my experience at Giving Ground and am looking forward to when I can get there for the third weekend of my apprenticeship. You and your facilities at Giving Ground are beautiful. Even as I was leaving I was wishing that I could do an even more intensive stay and thinking about how one day, I too, may live a simpler life making medicines and helping the planet and others." 

Cindy Behning, South Range, Wisconsin

"I hold our weekend together in my heart as a precious treasure. I learned so much - I am so grateful for all the knowledge you shared and I love the way you teach - very experiential; that's the way I learn best. But even more is your sweet, kind, patient gentleness laced with a delightful sense of humor."

Becky Stanton, Backus, Minnesota

"Pam Thompson's knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the herbs make her course offerings inspired and practical. With her attention to detail and dedication to the northern Minnesota forests, she graciously and convivially immerses her guests in the knowledge of plants."

John Hauser, N.D.

President, The Minnesota Association of Naturopathic Physicians

"The drive, arrival, white bean and leek soup, wine, connecting-conversing. Morning, outhouse, snowshoe hare, wild rice/cranberry cereal and dandelion coffee with powdered birch mushroom - all a world away from my weekly routine. All natural, primitive yet powerful. Snow-shoeing, collecting, making fire cider, salve and tincture treasures to take back to the mother ship - memories, knowledge, skills, appreciation. A Turkish dish with black olives, chickpeas and leeks. Great harvest bread, chocolate cake with raspberries. A sauna (authentic!) rest, knit and read, talk and reflect ... a true retreat ... fulfilling, rejuvenating, energizing ... primitive - but Pam, you've got something special here - ahead of its time while taking us back in time ...Thank you!"

Lisa Hain, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

"I meant to tell you how enchanted I was by your homestead. It was like visiting a timeless island of serenity. If I were to draw a fantasy literary parallel, it's something like finding a lost elven wood. If you've read Lord of the Rings, it's almost as if you are from a lost elven tribe of Loth Lorien (perhaps the Toimi elves?)

Tom Wolfe, artist, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thanks for coming to the UMD Health Service last fall. I had my husband start on nettle 3 times a day after your talk. He has really bad psoriasis. Just recently he has a lot of the old calluses start to come off his skin and nice healthy skin is under it! I have also been using it for my allergies which have greatly improved. You have us sold!"

Name withheld for privacy reasons, Duluth, Minnesota

"I really enjoyed the herb classes I took from Pam Thompson. She is detailed, knowledgeable and practical, all of which are very important when working with medicinal herbs."

Judy Kreag, Duluth, Minnesota

"Pam's classes and the Giving Ground Retreat site gave me much more than I expected. I traveled from Florida to learn more about the Northwoods. Pam was the most gracious host and an excellent and patient teacher who rejoices in sharing her knowledge and love of plants with others. Giving Ground is rustic, snuggled as it is deep in the woods where the only noise came from birds and the wind in the trees. I am highly recommending the Giving Ground Herbal Retreat to all my friends."

Thomasina Edwards, Spring Hill, Florida

"My Giving Ground Retreat was transformative! Quite simply - it was the most delightful experience I've ever had. Can't wait for next time!"

C. Todd, Superior, Wisconsin

"Pam, I never tire of coming here! Your place is one of serenity and I love the peacefulness. And your insect repellent is excellent - thank you for sharing your talents!"

S. Phillips, Brimson, Minnesota

"Giving Ground is part of my spiritual home - thank you for your generosity and knowledge. I'll never forget my time spent here. And Mullie is my dear buddy."

D. Dickey, Salem, Indiana

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