Cold Summer Berry Salsa

This can be made with Juneberries (also known as shadberries or serviceberries), blueberries, or raspberries.

Mash four cups of berries, but not too fine - just enough to keep the berries from rolling off onto the rug.

Add chopped up Bermuda (red) onions, about the same amount of onion as berries. Trust me. 

Add 2 chopped up fresh garlic cloves, or more.

Add a good sprinkle of dried red pepper.

Add juice of two fresh lemons. 

Add two cups chopped up fresh cilantro, (packed) and two cups chopped up fresh lemon balm (packed).

Stir together to mix. Adjust lemon juice and garlic and red pepper to taste.

Serve right away, or keep chilled and covered in refrigerator.

Good on toasted garlic bread or black bean/chili tortilla chips.

Wear a pink shirt to eat this.

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