Corn/Potato Curry Soup 

 You'll need, depending upon number of guests:

- a can or 2 (14 ounce each) evaporated, NOT sweetened, condensed, milk;

- some regular or non-fat (liquid) milk;

- a can or 2 or 3 of whole kernel corn;

- several baking potatoes;

- lots of onion;

- some good curry powder;

- butter. (I use butter in this soup only; for most others I use olive oil, but the butter here is nice for the corn and potatoes.)

Coat bottom of soup pot with melting butter, add diced onions, lots. Stir, saute on low heat with pot cover tilted, 'til onions are translucent.

Add just enough water to cook your several diced (washed but skins on) baking potatoes. You don't want so much water that you will dilute the soup too much, just enough to cover diced potatoes. Simmer 'til potatoes are soft but not mushy. (Baking potatoes do better at this than other potatoes.) It only takes 5 minutes or so as potatoes are already diced.)

 Add drained corn (or you can use the corn water, with its bit of salt, to cook potatoes in.) Add 1, 2, or 3 cans corn; you want sort of equal amounts of onions, potatoes, corn, for this chowder. Corn is already cooked of course, in the can.

Add enough evaporated milk to make a rich stew-y soup, heat, stirring constantly, just to serving temp.

Add lots of curry, stir, taste, add, taste, add some cayenne pepper (dried tiny pieces) too; serve. You can add fresh parsley to top after serving if like.

This is nice as it is so quick  and easy to serve to guests who are hungry and cold, or just coming off the road. Add bread and salad to pass around table.

Reheat leftovers the following day for lunch.

If you pass this along, please "by-line" Giving Ground. Thanks!!

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